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Welcome to the Tag Trees Ltd Website.

We provide garden, arboricultural and maintenance services for commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout Kent and surrounding counties.


Our multi-skilled team of experts are dedicated to delivering an efficient and cost-effective service tailored to the needs of the individual.


Please feel free to browse our website, which will explain the services and skills we provide.


Specialists in tree care


The company specialises in all aspects of commercial and domestic tree care, providing a valuable service to both the public and private sector. We have been appointed MOD tree surgeons for the South East and London area, renowned for being a professional reliable firm, with a capable, fully trained enthusiastic workforce.


Urban trees need to be maintained, as they can become a danger to the public, old wounds can become weak points. Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can be removed before it falls, causing damage to property or people.


Certain growth abnormalities can become potential weak points as the tree matures, all these things cause potential hazards, trees that are growing near to houses may have their branches interfering with gutters and windows, or it may be just far too large for the size of the garden it is in.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries regarding your requirements, Our service starts with understanding our client’s needs and expectations and the delivery through effective teamwork in an open and creative environment.

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